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In this photo, a rural Japanese woman is harvesting and winnowing rice, which is the most important postwar crop in Japan. The arable farmland in Japan is very fertile, but also very limited on the mountainous archipelago. Around the time that the…

In this image of a rural family during postwar Japan the family is out in the fields working their crops on a small farm. The United States Occupation of Japan brought about new laws to help bolster the Japanese economy. Before the war, the family in…

Location: Taisetsuzan, Hokkaido

Location: Kaburajima, Aomori

The Japanese scientist holding the pair of male and female duck specimens is Nagamichi Kuroda (1889-1978), who described this duck as a new species, the Crested Shelduck.

This photo depicts a man in a small personal fishing boat on a lake about to cast a net. In the background, a dock with tour boats can be seen. Further beyond that, people can be seen enjoying a leisurely time at the lake. This photo was most likely…

Location: Tokyo

Requisitioned House #665 served as the Austin family residence while they lived in Japan. Prior to their arrival, it was the home of Ariyoshi Yoshiya (1901-1984), a business entrepreneur and head of Nippon Yusen, a prominent shipping company. The…
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